Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to Get Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller to work on PC

How to Get Afterglow Xbox 360 Controller to work on PC

In this video I am going to show you how to get your Afterglow controller to work on a PC. I don't have this problem on my computer but I do have this problem on my boyfriend's computer. It is a problem where you plug the controller in, the light goes on but then immediately shuts off. In the video you will see a comparison of a working and nonworking controller reaction.

Below is a step by step written guide:
  1. Click on the Startup icon, then click on Devices and Printers. 
  2. Double click on the Afterglow Gamepad for Xbox 360, which will bring up the Properties window. 
  3. Click on the Hardware tab. 
  4. Click on Properties. 
  5. Click on Update Driver. 
  6. Click on "Browser my computer for driver software"
  7. Select "Microsoft Common Controller for Windows Class", then click "Next"
  8. Pick the latest version from the list. Click on "Next"
  9. Then ignore the warning, at your own risk. I ignored it, and it turned out fine. You know, gotta take risks every now and then in life.
Tada, now you should have a working Afterglow controller, I hope.

Additional Stuff 

If you do not have Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller driver installed, then click here to go to the Microsoft official webpage to download the driver.

I hope this helps. Good luck! =)

Other Information

Video filmed with Panasonic Lumix ZS20 14.1 MP Digital Camera

Monday, June 23, 2014

To edit or not to edit?

I have posted this question on Audacity forum. Below is pretty much the same content (except with embedded content for easier viewing).

I used Noise Removal at one point before, but stopped because I felt that I lost some audio quality because of it. I haven't been doing any audio editing afterward because the background noise of my audio usually doesn't seem too noticeable unless I have my volume above 50% or higher (then again, it also depends on whether I am using a headset or speakers. My speakers don't pick up noise as much as the headsets/headphones).

Recently I stumbled upon an video by Pico210 talking about audio editing and I really like his audio quality. I decided to try the techniques out but I am having trouble debating whether I should proceed or not with the edits (T_T) I thought my ears have gotten better, but phew, guess not. Please lend me your ears and let me know what you think about the edits. Thank you in advance.

The sample audio clips are embedded below. If it is not showing, please click here to go to the playlist.

The sample audio clips include the following 3 audio clips:
  • Original audio clip
  • Audio clip with noise removal only
  • Audio clip with full edit (following Pico210's instructions)

Here is the link to Pico210's video on audio editing:
The video is embedded here for easier access:

Instructions (I followed all, and used -15 for Compression): 
Noise Removal - Get Noise Profile & Remove Noise
Normalize -1 Decibel
Compression, Threshhold -15 to -20 (I used -15)
Equalize - Bass Boost and Treble Boost
Normalize, -1 Decibel
Hard Limit, -4 Decibel
Normalize, -1 Decibel
Export to 16bit wave format (Export)

I can hear the difference between my original audio clip and the full edits, but only in the sense I hear the "effect" from the full edits. But I am not sure whether the "effect" is an improvement or made the audio sound more artificial?

Thank you for your time.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Use Labels as Categories and Tags for

While does not have a built-in category list, it is easy to use the Labels option as a category.

To set up Categories

Create a Labels widget, then under the option "Show", choose "Selected Labels".
See picture below for illustration.

"Categories" Option 

I am using the following setting for Categories:
Show: Selected Labels
Sorting: Alphabetically
Display: List

To set up Tags/Clouds 

Create a Labels widget, then under the option "Show", choose "All Labels".
See picture below for illustration.

"Tags" Option
I am using the following setting for Categories:
Show: All Labels
Sorting: Alphabetically
Display: Cloud

TrekNMotion Yapster TM-YB100A Universal PC/Gaming Stereo Headset Full Product Review

This is a full review on TrekNMotion Yapster TM-YB100A - Universal PC/Gaming Stereo Headset, I posted an Amazon edition of this product review on Amazon here.


I post and write all the testings so my YouTube channel and my blog are in a quite messy condition lol but I do still want to give it a try in organization! So below is a list of the links that are related to this product.

The playlist embedded above has the following items (click here if it is not showing):
  • Full video review of Yapster TM-YB100A Black headset
    • Covering pretty much everything posted in this blog post
  • Testing 1 - Position Audio Quality Testing Sample on Computer B 
    • Computer B is my laptop. 
    • The environment had a ceiling fan running and vent fan sound from the desktop. 
    • Tests the audio quality of the two different microphone positions. 
  • Testing 2 - Position Audio Quality Testing Sample on Computer A 
    • Computer A is my desktop. 
    • The environment had a ceiling fan running and vent fan sound from the desktop. 
    • Tests the audio quality of the two different microphone positions. 
  • Testing 3 - Yapster TM-YB100A Sample Audio Clips & Blue Yeti Comparison
    • Audio clip comparison of the headset's audio with Blue Yeti. 


My full review video is NOT recorded using this headset. It is recorded using the Blue Yeti USB Microphone.

Alright, let's get into the full review! This review outlines the pros/cons of this product, my experience, audio sample clips (in the video), and tips.

PROS (^_^) 

Comfortable Headset (Even for people who wear eyeglasses!)

Two features that make the headset very comfortable for me.
1) Puffy/comfy padding covering the ears. They are not too heavy and do not weigh my ears down like my previous headset. Wearing eyeglasses? This will be fine :D as long as you don't have super thick eyeglass frame and/or super big ears that exceed the padding :(

2) Adjustable headband
You can extend the headband for another inch or so if you need to adjust the headband. I don't use the extension since the headset fits on my head quite comfortably. If I do want a bit more space, I can easily adjust it.

Now! Even though I say it is comfortable, it is still not that great for long time wearing. I get sweaty after half hour or so in the summer (but *cough* I don't run AC. I only have fans). The headset might last you longer if you have AC hehe I don't know. But let me just say that it is a lot better compared to my previous headset which made me feel like I was about to lose my ears after half hour.

Flexible microphone

Allows you to adjust the distance of your mic to your mouth depending on your need/mood. You can adjust the distance if you don't like post editing the audio.

The mic sits on a cable that can go in pretty much all angles. Then the cable sits on a base that allows you to rotate the mic upward if you don't need to use the mic.

Stereo sound quality

I am not an expert when it comes to hearing. But after getting used to stereo sound for a while, my ear does seem to become slightly better at detecting sound quality. I like the quality of the audio recording produced by this headset for this budget.

Windscreen / Mesh Piece

Even though Amazon does not show the windscreen ( I think it is called windscreen right? Hehe not sure~), mine came with the windscreen covering the mic.

Long Cable

This headset has 7 feet long cable so you have a lot of space to move around (or to trip on ^O^)! It is long enough for me to do jump rope with it when it breaks. I mean, assume that is not the reason why it broke in the first place.

Volume/Mic Control

I rarely use this control, but it might be helpful for those who need it. It sits about 12 inches from the ear piece. One side has the button that mutes the microphone. The other side has the volume controller. It also has a clipper that you can clip the controller to your shirt or something if you are petite like me. Even if I don't clip the controller to my shirt, I can still reach it fairly easily.

CONS (^~^)

I have tested this headset on two computers, let's call them computer A and B. With the same setting audio setting (not environmental since they are in different locations! >.<), computer A produces better sound quality than computer B. This might just be a normal situation though.

Uses 3.5 mm Connectors instead of USB Plug

This is a personal preference. I prefer to use USB over the 3.5 mm connectors. If your computer does not have both the mic and earphone connectors, then you will need to buy an adapter else your mic won't work.


I actually don't use this headset a lot since I prefer to use a different mic when I need to talk for a long time. But when I do use this headset, I use it for audio recording and talking to people (assuming that I talk less than an hour). I love the sound quality from the headset for this budget. It is really pleasing when talking to someone over Skype!


If you are doing an audio recording, make sure you turn on your microphone booster, else your recording will be very low volume.

Be patient when you are working with the initial setting of the microphone! My best setting seems to be Audacity Input Volume 0.1 & Microphone Booster +30 dB.


I give it a 5 star rating.
It is a good purchase for this budget.
Comfortable ear padding (with time limit of course).
Nice audio quality (for both hearing and recording).

I hope this is helpful! :)
Good luck!

Product Information

Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset - Yapster TM-YB100A - Black
Purchased: Jan 2014

Amazon links are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only review products or services that I have personally used and/or I feel that I can provide some helpful information.